Teacher Exposes Genitals -This is Getting Old

A local school teacher was arrested for indecent exposure in a local strip mall parking lot. This is getting to be too routine.

He asked this lady for directions and when she went to answer him she noticed he was exposing himself and masturbating. She fled to a nearby Ross Dress for Less store where she and a clerk watched the guy circle the parking lot a few times and then leave.

The store clerk got his license plate, the police were called an arrest was made and the victim rode by the stop with another office and identified the suspect as the culprit. Now this is where it gets to something different.

Officers attempted to get the Ross employee to do the same, but the employee’s managers threatened to fire her if she did, the report says. Officers also found the Ross employee’s witness statement torn up and could not enter it into evidence.

Source: Cops: Gwinnett teacher asks for directions, exposes genitals to woman

Can someone explain to me why this store would not allow its employee to cooperate with police? Why would they take a witness statement if they were going to then tear it up and throw it away.

Odd! I don’t think I want to do business with this store.

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