What’s the Motivation?

Here’s what’s bothering me. A closed door meeting to me means what is said inside those closed doors stays there and the only things that leaves the meeting are the participants and the agreements reached. When conversations in the meeting are brought out that upset people I have to question the motivation of the person bringing those conversations out of the meeting.

I’m bothered but not surprised by recent private conversations brought out of a recent closed door Oval Office meeting. I’m bothered by what was reportedly said but as this continues to linger in the news I’m bothered by the motivation that brought it to light.

What was Dick Durban’s motivation? What good has come from his revelation? Is America any greater from his breaking a confidence or have we been lessened?

I’m no Trump supporter and I agree with most negative critiques of him so don’t take what I’m saying as a defense of him, it isn’t. I think he is completely ignorant of most issues surrounding immigration. No, this is just me questioning if Dick Durban is motivated by the good of the country or the good of Dick Durban.

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