If It’s Plant Based It Isn’t Meat – Period.

I love a black bean burger as much as any vegetarian or vegan but….

But Ethan Brown, the CEO of Beyond Meat says it’s time to rethink that definition.

“The reason we want to use the word meat is that we firmly believe that this is a piece of meat. That if you look at meat not in terms of its origin… but if you look at meat in terms of composition – we are hitting all of those key points of composition,” Brown said

Source: Cattle industry fighting to bar “meat” and “beef” from plant-based protein packaging – CBS News

He keeps using the term “plant-based meat” just isn’t. He can firmly believe all he wants but meat comes from animals and you get even more specific with the terms “beef”, “pork”, and “poultry”. It is confusing to the consumer when the terms “meat” or “beef” are used in the labeling to describe a plant-based protein source.

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