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More Local News Making the National Spotlight

And speaking of news stories that should be of only local interest, remember that school superintendent that was arrested for pooping repeatedly on the track of one of his high schools? Well, he’s fired his lawyer and got one to actually defend him and set the record straight.

Not everything you’ve heard about Thomas Tramaglini – the Kenilworth superintendent of schools accused of pooping on a high school track and field near his home – has been fair or true, according to his new attorney.

Source: Accused mystery pooper’s lawyer: N.J. superintendent will debunk ‘falsehoods’ | NJ.com

Either he repeatedly pooped on the track or he didn’t. I’m not sure what else there could be that I’d heard. The only defense I can think of for him, and it would be a poor one, is that he had some form of chronic diarrhea but that doesn’t excuse him from just leaving the steaming pile there.

I’m anxious to see where his attorney is going with his vigorous defense.

Well, it is a School Shooting afterall.

The top story in my Google newsfeed  is that a fifteen year old boy was wounded in the arm by a fourteen year boy with a rifle at a Palmdale, California high school.

A 14-year-old former student is in custody after allegedly shooting a current student in the arm with a rifle at Highland High School in Palmdale Friday morning.

Source: 14-Year-Old in Custody After Shooting Student in Arm With Rifle at Highland High in Palmdale: LASD | KTLA

I feel for the wounded child and the students and parents of that school. They must have been terrified when they got the news of a shooting. Still, it’s local news. Why do I need to hear about it?

My guess is because its a school shooting. Even though the injury was very minor it happened at a school and it involved a rifle.

In the mean time what does make local news and isn’t caught up in the national newsfeeds is that:

Two boys, 13 and 17, were shot Thursday night in Uptown on the North Side, among seven people hit by gunfire in Chicago over 12 hours, according to police.

Source: Two boys in Uptown among 7 hit by gunfire in Chicago over 12 hours – Chicago Tribune

Why didn’t this make national news? I guess it’s because it’s Chicago and none of the shootings happened at a school.