More Local News Making the National Spotlight

And speaking of news stories that should be of only local interest, remember that school superintendent that was arrested for pooping repeatedly on the track of one of his high schools? Well, he’s fired his lawyer and got one to actually defend him and set the record straight.

Not everything you’ve heard about Thomas Tramaglini – the Kenilworth superintendent of schools accused of pooping on a high school track and field near his home – has been fair or true, according to his new attorney.

Source: Accused mystery pooper’s lawyer: N.J. superintendent will debunk ‘falsehoods’ |

Either he repeatedly pooped on the track or he didn’t. I’m not sure what else there could be that I’d heard. The only defense I can think of for him, and it would be a poor one, is that he had some form of chronic diarrhea but that doesn’t excuse him from just leaving the steaming pile there.

I’m anxious to see where his attorney is going with his vigorous defense.

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