Larry D. Burton



Controls Engineer

Technical expertise and impeccable human relations skills.


A highly personable, conscientious professional with outstanding technical skills and a desire to obtain the highest level of customer satisfaction that is attainable.



23 years experience in automated control system design and implementation using Allen-Bradley, Siemens and Modicon PLCs and PACs. Extensive knowledge in Wonderware Intouch, Allen-Bradley RSView32 SE and ME, Modbus, Modbus Plus, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Ethernet, Ethernet IP, Remote I/O and OPC. I am competent in integrating SQL Server Relational Databases with industrial HMI software and web applications. I am highly skilled in using all Microsoft Office products and competent in programming with MS Visual Basic for Applications.


Heavily involved in materials handling, packaging, distribution and process control controls systems design, commissioning and maintenance.


Industries Served

l  Chemical

l  Food & Beverage

l  Mining

l  Automotivel  Pulp and Paper

l  Distribution & Logistics

l  Packaging

l  Data Center Facilities

l  Life Sciences


Chattanooga State Technical Community College                                                                            1986

I graduated Magna cum Laud with a 3.78 GPA earning an Associate of Science degree in Information Systems Technology.


Employment History


7/2012-Present Quality Technology Services Atlanta Georgia
Control Systems Engineer
I manage projects and support facilities in monitoring the electrical and cooling monitoring systems for large data centers.


1/2011-6/2012 CIBA Vision Atlanta Georgia
Controls Engineer
Worked with engineering and manufacturing staff to improve productivity and safety on injection molding and lens casting lines.


4/2009-1/2011 Dallas Bay Technologies Atlanta Georgia
Worked with a small manufacturer to improve quality assurance reports and improve the reliability of their manufacturing processes.  Contracted by a regional computer network vendor to upgrade customer’s  WAN hardware in remote offices across an entire state. Offered consulting services for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controllers and Wonderware InTouch, InSQL and ArchestrA.



5/2008-4/2009 Clyde Bergemann Atlanta Georgia
Project Engineer.
I designed, developedand implemented control systems for boiler cleaning equipment using Allen Bradley PLC-5, SLC-500 and ControlLogix PLCs and I developed HMI applications using Wonderware and RS-View Studio. I was responsible for developing and maintaining project schedule, procuring materials and managing subcontractors.


9/2007-5/2008 Matrix Scientific Albion, New York
Service Manager
I oversaw service on company products nationally. I also was responsible for all electrical design for products manufactured by the company. I was responsible for managing subcontractors.



2/2007-9/2007 Factory Automation Systems Atlanta Georgia
Senior Designer
I designed and developed control systems for various manufacturing sectors using Allen Bradley PLC-5, SLC-500 and ControlLogix PLCs and I developed HMI applications using Wonderware and RS-View Studio.


11/2006-2/2007 Technical Associates Atlanta Georgia
Controls Engineer
I designed and developed control systems for a local household products manufacturer using Allen Bradley PLC-5, SLC-500 and ControlLogix PLCs.


9/2006-11/2006 Pipeline Control and Services. Alphretta, Ga
Controls Engineer
I designed and developed control systems for the oil and gas pipeline industry using Allen Bradley PLCs and Wonderware HMI software.


9/2003 – 8/2006 Polytron, Inc. Norcross, Ga
Senior Designer
I designed and developed control systems for packaging and conveying systems using Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and FlexLogix processors. I developed HMI software using Allen-Bradley RSView32 and Wonderware. I was also involved in developing and commissioning downtime-tracking systems and numerous software tools for streamlining the creation of standards based PLC programs using Visual Basic for Applications.


1/2003 – 9/2003 Cybn Assoc. Lawrenceville, Ga
I operated on my own as a systems integrator and consultant. During this time I provided maintenance consultation on machine motion control and provided design specifications for upgrading control systems.


7/2002 – 12/2002 Hampton-Tilley, Inc. Norcross, Ga
Design Engineer
I designed and developed software applications taking data from plant floor devices and delivering that information in a usable format to the desktop using both thin- and thick-clients. This included specifying hardware and software needed for each custom application.


11/1986 – 7/2002 Pickett, Tarpley & Associates., Inc. Chattanooga, TN
Senior Automation Specialist
I designed and specified controllers, I/O devices and graphical user interfaces for industrial process control systems. I also wrote application software for PLCs and build custom SCADA applications using various popular SCADA software packages on several OS platforms including Windows 95/98/NT, Novell, OS/2, and various flavors of UNIX. I also am involved in networking controllers to PCs to servers using various industrial network protocols, TCP/IP, Ethernet and fiber optics. I worked closely with customer’s maintenance staff helping them diagnose problems. I developed maintenance training classes on the use of the PLC as a diagnostic aid.


References provided upon request.