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Tonight Gerri and I saw a preview of “Gravity“, an Alfonso Cuarón film starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. We got to see the movie compliments of and Warner Bros. Studios.

The movie is a fairly obvious allegory with predictable characters. Clooney does a good job of playing his character but he is playing the part of George Clooney. You can say the same, more or less, for Bullock but she had more of an opportunity give her character a separate personality than just Bullock playing Bullock.

The visuals of this movie were excellent and 3D was effectively used without keeping you aware that you are watching a 3D movie. CGI was also very well done and had me believing the characters were actually in zero gravity.

Overall this is an enjoyable movie just not a “must see” movie. I’ll give it a thumbs up and I recommend it only if you want to see a movie and nothing else is on that you would rather see.

It’s still a problem

Almost ten years ago I wrote this article about my take on why we didn’t have HBO delivered over the Internet. It was based on an article by Jack Valenti, then the president of the Motion Picture Association of America and now deceased. Well, we now have Internet streaming of movies through Netflix and some other services but there isn’t as complete a library as there should be and the reason is that the MPAA is still attempting to achieve relevance.

It’s a Pitiful, Dreadful Life

Dan points to a New York Times article on “It’s a Wonderful Life” that points out how dark of a movie the movie really was. I loved this movie and have probably watched it over a dozen times. I’ll sit through it again this holiday season if I get the chance. I’ve never thought of it in the manner that Wendell Jameson presents it in the article but I won’t be able to help from looking at it in this way the next time I watch it.

Google has the full length version of the movie online. It’s embedded behind the fold.
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Hello. God?

I’ve often seen the phone numbers in tv shows and in the movies that used the 555 exchange and thought why don’t they use a more real looking number. I figured there might be a few jerks out there that would think it would be funny to call numbers they saw appear there but those would be few. I was wrong. Bruce Almighty, the film, displays a phone number for God on Jim Carrey‘s character’s pager that doesn’t use the commonly used 555 extension and all hell breaks loose. Things like this by fellow US citizens really cause me to doubt the long term viability of our country.

The Hunted

I always enjoy Tommy Lee Jones in a movie. It isn’t that I think he is all that good of an actor, it’s just that something about the way he portrays his character just always entertains me. That’s about the best thing I can say about The Hunted.

This movie is a cross between First Blood and The Fugitive but both of those movies were actually better. The scenes in the Oregon rain forrests reminds me so much of First Blood that I expected Stallone to pop up any minute. That probably would have been a good thing.

I never understood the plot, if there really was a plot, I never understood what drove Aaron Hallam (Benicio Del Toro) over the edge and I still don’t know exactly what I was watching, but I sure enjoyed watching Tommy Lee Jones. He played pretty much the same character that he always plays. One of these days I’m going to have to figure out what it is about him that I find so damn entertaining.