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Redefining normal weight.

This news article is great news for us carrying around a few (or a lot of) extra pounds but I think the author is missing the point.

But the scientists also found that people classified as overweight, with a BMI of 25 to 29.9, died at slightly lower rates — not higher — than those of so-called normal weight. And they found that those who were mildly obese, with a BMI of 30 to 34.9, died in no greater numbers than did their normal-weight peers.

via Being moderately overweight might not pose health risk –

From what I’m reading those people classified as overweight might ought to be reclassified as normal while those currently classified as normal weight should probably be classified as underweight and those with a BMI of between 30 to 34.9 or just obese should be reclassified as overweight. I say this because the overweight group is actually living longer lives.

The Plank

I think I need to start adding the plank into my morning routine. It’s a simple exercise that offers a lot of pay back, especially if done like it is done in this video. Foot strength and flexibility is probably the most often overlooked part of total fitness.

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The Plank.  It’s such a simple exercise, with a multitude of benefits: from shoulder stabilization to arm strength, core galore and even mental preparedness… The plank is an exercise that can be practiced by students of all shapes and sizes and all fitness levels.  The Plank even offers the opportunity to become involved with community and competition on a global scale, as we demonstrate in our World Plank Gallery.

From “Foot Fitness: PLANK From Head to Heel.

Now to just start doing it and stick to it. :)

Running on Bad Knees

Back in 2009 I discovered Vibram Five Fingers which allowed me to start running again. I had gotten up to about a mile and a half run when the stress I was putting on my knees caused enough additional injuries to them that I couldn’t overcome even with my new shoes. I then took up cycling.

The cycling took until 2011 when health issues and scheduling problems made that tough to keep up. During this time of inactivity I’ve gained thirty pounds and my knees hurt worse than ever. I’m fat because I’m inactive. I’m inactive because my knees hurt. My knees hurt because I’m fat.

I have to get off this merry-go-round. I’m going to try to put this article to work in my life and do some more research. I should be able to find a way to make some general impression of running on these knees and start taking some pounds off.

I still want to ride my bike as much as I can but I think I can run more often if I can just find a way to do so without hurting so much.


Riding My Bike

I’ve been doing a little bicycling lately. It’s moving from being an activity I like to an activity that I’m passionate about. My goal with this is to finish a century in the next year. I’m not yet capable of that milage but I’m working on it.

For the past several months I’ve been living in Chattanooga during the week and coming home to Lawrenceville on weekends. Finding places to ride and people to ride with has been easy in Chattanooga, not so much in Lawrenceville. Gwinnett County just hasn’t done a good job of making the roads bicycle friendly.

I’m home for the week so I need to find some places to ride. Tonight I’m going to try a ride sponsored by the Gwinnett Touring Club. It starts in Dacula, meanders up through Auburn and loops back to Dacula for a total of 26 miles. I drove some of the route this weekend just to make sure there weren’t any killer hills on the route.

I’m really looking forward to this ride and hoping to make more contacts around home for riding. I’ve joined the Chattanooga Bicycle Club and will probably join the GTC also. Hopefully between these two clubs I’ll find ways to keep myself passionate about riding. It has already rewarded me by helping me drop about fifteen pounds that I don’t think would have come off with just dieting. I seem to have more energy lately also.

A thought on running and goals

I’m in Columbia, SC this week on a temporary job. I’ve enjoyed the work and really like the company. This week has me staying in a Country Inns and Suites. I really like this chain.

When making my reservations I asked about places to run close to the hotel. I was assured that there were sidewalks and residential back streets right there at the hotel and this was in a safe part of town. This is important because I am now fully committed to a running program and can’t miss any of my scheduled runs. There is also a treadmill here and an indoor pool.

Since I’m suppose to run today the treadmill might be where I head in a bit. It is a rainy, messy day and I really don’t want to get out in this weather. Twenty minutes on the treadmill and a half hour in the pool may be my exercise for the day.

The fact that I’ll be running for a time on the treadmill rather than running a distance along a street is what got me thinking. So far I’ve been thinking of goals in distance. I want to run a 5k in March. I want to run a 10k by the end of the year. I want to run a Marathon (26.2 miles) in five years. Maybe instead of distance I ought to be thinking of running in time. I want to be able to run solid for forty-five minutes. I want to be able to run forty-five minutes at a certain cadence. This makes more sense to me for a training regimen. Once I get to where I can run for my goal time then start increasing the cadence of my run. Once I reach a certain cadence that I can maintain for a certain period of time then increase the time I’ll be running and drop my cadence back down.

Does that sound more reasonable than setting distance goals?