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American Post-War Iraq Deaths Surpass War Casualties

A sad bit of trivia popped up in the news today.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – U.S. military deaths from hostile fire in Iraq (news – web sites) have reached a grim landmark with the post-war toll surpassing the number of troops killed during the invasion itself.

Now a lot of people are going to tell you that this is significant. I’m going to tell you that it was inevitable and the administration told you this in the very beginning. Do you remember back before the invasion how we were told that the urban street fighting would be the hardest part and the part where the risk of casualties was the greatest? That’s where we are right now.

I know, you envisioned the urban combat to be more conventional like with the US and UK military still in full combat mode. I did too and I believe so did the military, still just because we thought the enemy would use a certain tactic during this phase of the war to defend Baghdad that doesn’t mean that he had to use that tactic. The enemy is using the tactic of a terrorist. That really shouldn’t surprise us either. Isn’t this suppose to be a war on terrorism?

5 Steps Toward Democracy in Iraq

Since the topple of Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq we are seeing that country move toward a western style democracy. There have been some stumbles but with the implementation of just five little things the US/UK coalition will help the Iraqi’s become a world class democracy:

  1. The first thing that the US military to see that a Democracy is ensured is doing is making sure the airwaves are sending out the proper messages to the people of Iraq. Control of the airwaves is essential for this.
  2. There is also a need to stop the violence in the streets and make sure that all Iraqis are safe by controlling who has firearms.
  3. Housing must be found for our soldiers who are keeping the peace in Iraq until an Iraqi democracy is formed.
  4. Of course it goes without saying that we must have full cooperation in our search for and seizure of weapons of mass destruction and we must not be restrained from searching anywhere for evidence that could lead us to those items that we seek.
  5. Iraq’s oil revenues must be confiscated by the US/UK forces for the time being to pay for the rebuilding of the infrasturcture of Iraq and to see that the money is used for the good of the Iraqi people.

I suppose we could come up with five more but this is a good start toward a democracy.

Those Iraqi Playing Cards

Want a deck of those Iraqi playing cards? Lord knows I’ve been inundated with enough spam offereing those cards that some folks out there must be wanting them. Well, you don’t have to give those spammers any of your money to get the cards. Print them yourself by downloading the deck from the Department of Defense website.

My brother is in the printing business, I think I’ll see if he’ll print up a few decks for me. Heck, with his equipment he would have to print up a few thousand decks to make it worthwhile to even begin. Maybe I’ll get him to go into the playing card business with me. If we hurry we can just make the last couple of days of demand for these cards.

Dear Raed; News From Bahgdad.

Dear Raed is a blog published from Bahgdad. It’s still being updated. Todays entry made me stop and think.

On BBC we are watching scenes of Iraqis surrendering. My youngest cousin was muttering "what shame" to himself, yes it is better for them to do that but still seeing them carrying that white flag makes something deep inside you cringe.

I don’t think Salam Pax, the owner of the blog, wants to see the Iraqi army engage the Coalition forces but I can understand how seeing his fellow countrymen surrendering could not set well with him. I feel for their self-esteem after this.