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Chicken embryo grows face of dinosaur

Scientists have figured out the genes responsible for creating a beak rather than a snout in birds and have had success in creating a chicken with a dinosaur’s snout. However, they didn’t hatch the eggs. I’m puzzled by that.

For now Bhullar has no plans, or ethical approval, to hatch the snouted chickens. But he believes they would have been able to survive “just fine”.

Source: BBC – Earth – Chicken grows face of dinosaur

Seriously, if they have created the embryo just to destroy before it hatches then what’s the ethical difference in allowing them to hatch and then destroying them an hour or so later?

Eliminating Lead From The Environment

California Assemblyman Anthony Rendon had this to say on the passage of his bill to outlaw lead bullets:

“Lead is a toxin that is bad for human health and the environment, and lead ammunition exposes humans and other animals to this life-threatening poison,” said Assemblyman Anthony Rendon from the Southern California city of South Gate, who sponsored the bill, in a statement. “There is simply no reason to continue using lead ammunition in hunting, and today’s vote gives me great hope that we can eradicate this highly toxic element from our environment.”

via Californias great gun grab: States sweeping gun control bills target firearms, ammo — and hunting – Washington Times.

I wonder if he understands that while lead may be toxic in certain uses it is an element and it is a part of nature which means it is a natural part of the environment?

Blue Light Special

It is somewhat disconcerting to walk out of one’s office to find the parking lot bathed in flashing blue lights. That’s what found myself faced with this evening as I left work to come home.

There is a company that builds custom vans for people with handicaps in the building across from ours. There was a car carrier parked on our corner and three police cars which I figured had something to do with that until I turned the corner in our lot and saw six other police cars with blue lights flashing in the lower end of our office complex.

There were three more parked in the complex across the street. One man was in handcuffs in our lot.

I quickly tuned my radio to the local News/Talk station, WSB-AM, to hear nothing but Sean Hannity. I can only take so much of him any more. No news about what was going on. Neither was there anything on the local TV news. I plugged the name of the street my office is on into Google Alerts. I guess I’ll find out if anything is published about this between now and the end of the week.

Pope Benedict and Islam

I recognize that Islam is made up of people and that some will be violent by nature and some will be peacful by nature and that both groups can find justification in their Koran for their violent or peaceful nature. It’s the same with my religion, Christianity. I also recognize that when outsiders point out certain things about one’s religion that isn’t so pretty that it’s real easy to get defensive.

Getting defensive is one thing. Getting violent is something else completely.

AN ITALIAN nun was killed by gunmen at a children’s hospital in Somalia yesterday in an apparent revenge attack for the Pope’s speech about Islam last week.

The Pope reads a passage from a 600 year old text that states that Islam is inherently violent and the response from some muslims is to prove the point? I’ve got to ask, what is everyone thinking? On top of this you also have Anjem Choudary over in London seeking the death penalty for the Pope and anyone else who insults Islam. What is all this suppose to make me think about Islam?

I need a new catagory, “Things I just don’t understand.”

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Run Away Bride.

On the way into work this morning traffic was horrible so I had the opportunity to listen to several local radio shows. The subject of the day was Jennifer Wilbanks and what should be done to her. Now in my opinion this lady is a nutcase whose family ought to shun for a while and her fiancé should consider this a lesson learned and go on to find the next love of his life. However, talks of criminal prosecution of her are way out of line.

While disappering without leaving an explanation behind is cruel to family and friends I don’t see that an adult going off without telling anyone is or should be a criminal act. Gwinnett County prosecutor Danny Porter appears to be looking for something to charge the woman with but the only thing I’ve heard him come up with so far is filing a false report and lying to investigators, one a misdemeanor and the other a felony. However, I beleive she confessed to what really happened before talking to any Gwinnett County officials and both Albequrque and federal officials have both said no charges would be forthcoming from them. I don’t see where Danny Porter has jurisdiction here.

Duluth is complaining about the money spent on overtime for officers working on the search. They are also complaining about the operational cost of the helicopter brought in to assist with the search. Some people took a day off from work to aid in searching for the lady. This search was rolling on full force within just a few hours of Jennifer’s disapperance. I thought a teenager or adult had to be missing for 24 hours before this type of a search was mounted. I guess when your future father-in-law is the one time mayor of the small Georgia town that policy tends to change.

Nah, the talk about charging her with a crime isn’t right.We don’t need to make it a criminal offense to disappear without notification. She will be punished by the way people treat her from now on. She’ll probably find that moving to Albequrque isn’t such a bad idea.

More on stupid zero tolerance

Okay, what do you call Jell-O shots with no alcohol?

The answer is “Jell-O”.

In Jefferson Parish, Louisiana an 8-year-old gets suspended for bringing Jell-O to school. She brought enough for the entire class so it wasn’t because she didn’t bring enough to share because she brought thirty individual containers of the snack. No, the reason she was suspended was because the containers she was serving them in resembled the Jell-O shots you can get in some bars.

The girl was suspended for nine days for two violations of the system’s drug policy: having a “look-alike” drug on school grounds and intending to distribute it, Nowakowski said.

I wonder what Bill Cosby has to say about this?

Dinner Time

Dan brought this to my attention and it reminded me of how purposeful and single minded a child can be. When they relate to something it takes a lot to make multiple connections to things and symbols. In this case the beauty that can be seen in the female form only means one thing to a young child…. dinner.

Cross Dressing Politicians

I don’t understand it. It isn’t something that appeals to me but I fail to see why anyone would have a problem with a man that wants to sit around his home…, or a friends home for that matter, dressed in women’s clothes. Yeah, I’ll chuckle at the behavior but it isn’t hurting me any. So why would I care if it was something a politician was into. Apparently one politician is not succumbing to the blackmail.

A Passion for Confession

Since yesterday there have been three news stories that I’ve seen about people confessing to crimes after seeing Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of Jesus Christ” movie.

Regardless of what the critics are saying, law enforcement officials ought to consider showing this movie in holding cells.

A Couple of Things From the Bizarre

If you are a property owner of a ten-story building and have a leak in the winter on the roof causing a large accumulation of ice, you’d best take care of the problem. A New York couple is suing the owner of such a building owner over just such a problem. It seems that a three hundred pound chunk of ice broke loose from the ten story building next door and crashed through the roof of their third story apartment and landed in their bed while they were relaxing, reading the paper and sipping their coffee. Not something you expect on a leisurely Saturday morning. There was around seven hundred more pounds of ice waiting to break loose from where the last icicle came from.


For those of you that love irony, the porn film director James DiGiorgio is teaming up with a Christian anti-pornography group to create a public service announcement with the message, "Parents, keep your adult videos and magazines out of the ands of your children." The PSA is being filmed for I’ve got to say this guy must be doing the right thing because the project is drawing scorn from fans of pornography, who object to the criticism, and the religious right, who are complaining about the willingness of the sponsors to consort with pornographers.