Changing My Habits

by Larry Burton

I spent much of my youth attached to a bottle,
I found little meaning that required a clear mind.
But then I met you, a most beautiful model,
who’s more beautiful inside made you such a great find.

You helped me to see that my life had more purpose
than seeking out pleasure and having a good time.
It’s through you that I learned that no one could hurt us
if we trust in the Lord He’ll provide for us fine.

Why such an angel as you would hang with me
I’ll never know but I’m so glad that you did.
My life is much richer with you living it with me.
For you made me want my bad habits to rid.

For thirty-two years you’ve been my companion.
Through thick and through thin you’ve stood by my side.
With a love for you deeper than the world’s deepest canyon
We’ll look off in the sunset and finish our ride.

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