Experience tells me you will go away.

Well I guess its just a short time ’til you leave me.
I’ve never known of happiness to stay.
My joy now depends on you completely.
And that’s why I think your soon to go away.

I know you say your love for me is unending.
But I’ve heard those words a time or two before.
To me they’re just the prelude to my heart rending.
So I won’t be surprised when you point me to the door.

It’s been fourteen years since my first love left me.
When she took my heart I thought for sure she’d stay.
Our relationship ended oh so stealthy.
I still don’t know why she went away.

Three more times since I’ve tried¬† to take my chances.
Three more times it’s ended in much pain.
That’s why I never meant to fall for you my darling.
Every time I love I seem to love in vain.

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