When we first met I never dreamed
the simple delights in store for me.
You’ve given me years of happiness,
on so many times I just can’t address.

Those early years in St. Augustine,
Our time spent there was so serene.
At Washington Gardens we’d spend the day,
Or a walk up the beach, nothing to pay.

Planning the new kitchen for our first house,
Life has been fun with you as my spouse.
Adding a deck and putting up the rails
We were having fun working off our tails.

Raising two sons sports came on our scene,
Cheering them on and supporting their team.
How we found time I don’t know the way
Running from morning to late in the day.

Now the boys are grown each doing their thing,
We have time to ourselves ’til babies they bring.
But just sitting with you brings me such a joy.
No matter how old I still feel like a boy.

So ’til death do us part I’ll shout out with glee,
I can’t do without you, you’re the best part of me.

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