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I’ve been busy.

I’ve been heavily involved in genealogical research for my family. Kind of obsessed with it so I haven’t had time to update here. Also, I’ve been preparing for a bike ride, my first in a number of years.

This weekend I’ll be riding the Dirty Pecan Gravel Ride out of Monticello, Florida. I’ll be doing the 60 mile route and hopefully I will complete it. It’s an unsupported ride, which concerns me a little but it’s flat and the weather is supposed to be perfect for it.

Also, today I’m turning 63. My wife decided to take a friend with her to the area so that she will be close by just in case I die.

Schwinn Deluxe 7

Schwinn Deluxe 7

I don’t think they make these any more but for some reason I’ve been thinking about them and I think I’d really like to have one. It has to be a seven speed, not a single speed. And what I’d really like would be a matching set of them, men’s and ladie’s. This is styled after the 1950s Schwinn Phantom.

Lovely Bicycle!: Its Like Walking vs Jogging

“Oh, I see youve taken up jogging! Finally smartened up and realised that its better than walking, eh? And look, youre pretty good at it! Before you know it, youll be jogging to work with a change of clothing strapped to your back – youll see how much faster it is than walking and how much more control it gives you!”

via Lovely Bicycle!: Its Like Walking vs Jogging.

I just find this hilarious for some reason.

URL: http://lovelybike.blogspot.com/2010/07/its-like-walking-vs-jogging.html

Bicycle Obsession

I think I’ve developed an obsession for bicycles. Not just any bicycles, old bicycles. It started when I began wondering what to do with my old 1972 Schwinn Varsity. It had just been hanging in my garage taking up space but it was a bicycle I bought that was barely used from Joey Debeer back in 1972 while I was in high school and used it as basic transportation while in college. I had ridden this bicycle everywhere and couldn’t bare to get rid of it easily.

1972 Schwinn Varsity

1972 Schwinn Varsity

Then I met a couple of folks that had gotten bitten by the vintage bicycle bug and were talking fondly of their old bikes. I talked to one of them about an interest he might have in my Schwinn Varsity and he said he wanted to look at it. I loaded it up in my truck and took it for him to see. Before I got there I had decided I didn’t want to get rid of it. He understood and encouraged me to do something with it.

What I did was clean the thing up and put a couple of new tires on it and tried to ride it, just to assess what else might be needed on it to make it dependable. What I discovered was that the back rim was not going to let a tire be seated on it. I also discovered that the galvanized spokes  were very likely to break if I tried to true the wheel. I bought a new rim and it is now sitting in my family room in a 1977 Raleigh Sprite Mixte frame that I picked up from the local bike co-op with me working on truing the wheel.

Raleigh Sprite Mixte? Oh, that leads me to another part of this story. When I say I’ve been bitten by the vintage bike bug I mean that I have not only looked at restoring the Varsity but I’ve picked up more bikes. I ran across a guy with a 1974 Raleigh Grand Prix while I was working in Chattanooga this past summer. It wasn’t in all that bad of shape and the price wasn’t too awfully much so I bought it.

1974 Raleigh Grand Prix

1974 Raleigh Grand Prix

The bike needs some work on the drive train and it needs to be recabled but it rides very comfortably and the gearing is such that it works well on rolling terrain. Even though the Grand Prix was one of Raleighs lower priced offerings it isn’t a very heavy bike for a steel framed bike and it is fully lugged and brazed, not welded. I thought about repainting it but I think I’ll just clean it up and use a little rubbing compound and wax on the frame. The aluminum parts will need some work but I think they will all polish up nicely. I may replace the rims and spokes on this bike also.

1977 Raleigh Sprite Mixte

1977 Raleigh Sprite Mixte

After picking up the Grand Prix I couldn’t leave Gerri without a vintage bike. While she loves the GT Arette she has she still loves the old bikes and probably has for longer than I have. So I started looking around and discovered a 1977 Raleigh Sprite Mixte on Craig’s List being offered from the local co-op cheap. All the parts had been stripped off but all the parts were there in a baggie. This bike as the Suntour Cyclone GT rear dĂ©railleur so I’m really expecting it to shift much better than the Grand Prix. This is the drive train I expect to upgrade the Grand Prix to.

All this has me looking at my 200 GT Arette. I bought a black man’s Arette and a yellow woman’s Arette back in 2000 for Gerri and I to start riding again. These aren’t expensive bikes but they are a cut above anything you are going to buy at a department store. The bike is also a very comfortable bike to just get on and ride. And the profile of them is very classic.

2000 GT Arette

2000 GT Arette

What I’m thinking about is adding fenders and racks to this bike to actually make it a functional commuter. I would really love to put a Brooks saddle on it but I can’t justify spending as much on the saddle as the bike is worth…. or can I? But putting fenders and racks on this would give it the appearance of some of those classic English three-speeds. The practical aspect of this is that I actually could, and would, ride this bicycle to the grocery store and run other errands around the house with. A ten mile ride on this bike is a breeze and the gearing is low enough that loading it up is not going to keep me from riding it up the hills around the house.

See, I’ve got an obsession. I’m even contemplating looking for lower paying jobs that are within bicycle commuting range just to give me more chances to ride. And I’ve found out that if you ride a bicycle with helmet and gloves people see you as a cyclist rather than someone who lost their license over a DUI.

Riding My Bike

I’ve been doing a little bicycling lately. It’s moving from being an activity I like to an activity that I’m passionate about. My goal with this is to finish a century in the next year. I’m not yet capable of that milage but I’m working on it.

For the past several months I’ve been living in Chattanooga during the week and coming home to Lawrenceville on weekends. Finding places to ride and people to ride with has been easy in Chattanooga, not so much in Lawrenceville. Gwinnett County just hasn’t done a good job of making the roads bicycle friendly.

I’m home for the week so I need to find some places to ride. Tonight I’m going to try a ride sponsored by the Gwinnett Touring Club. It starts in Dacula, meanders up through Auburn and loops back to Dacula for a total of 26 miles. I drove some of the route this weekend just to make sure there weren’t any killer hills on the route.

I’m really looking forward to this ride and hoping to make more contacts around home for riding. I’ve joined the Chattanooga Bicycle Club and will probably join the GTC also. Hopefully between these two clubs I’ll find ways to keep myself passionate about riding. It has already rewarded me by helping me drop about fifteen pounds that I don’t think would have come off with just dieting. I seem to have more energy lately also.