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Mysterious Ways

A couple of weeks ago I contacted Katy about a bike repair stand she had for sale. She had sold the stand but I found out Katy was the Katy of Mama’s Board ‘n Bike in Buford, Ga. She was calling it quits after twenty years in the business and was selling the contents of her bike shop. Her reasons for getting out of the bike business wasn’t due to her lack of love of cycling but, instead, a desire to do something else.

I didn’t get the bike stand but she did have a lot of bike tools that I was looking for. I had a fairly hectic schedule, as did she at that time so I told her I’d call her back and make arrangements to look at the tools. Last week was the first opportunity I had so a week ago I got with her, purchased her tools and she threw in three bike racks that will hold about eighteen bikes. She knew the purchase was for the bike co-op my Church is starting so I offered her the opportunity to donate the tools for the charitable deduction or take the cash.

She opted for the cash. She is turning her store into a food and clothing charity and was using the proceeds of her sale to support her charity. I mentioned to one of the guys helping me set up the co-op who has a lot of contacts among charities what she was doing. He related how difficult it is to get a clothing charity to work because of the need of a store front. I told him she had a store front, her old bike shop.

At this point he got excited. Andy is all about serving people. He runs our church’s Angel Food program and is heavily involved with the Lawrenceville Food Co-op. “She has a store front! Put her in touch with me I can get her some help,” he said. It seems Buford has had a need that the people he volunteers with have been trying to fill for a while. Katy is about to fill that need and he wants to help her.

Manna from Heaven

Yesterday I checked my voice mail and there was a message from Josh. He had a donor giving him more bicycles than he could take for his co-ops in Chamblee and Clarkston. Could I take some? Our co-op is just getting off the ground and hasn’t actually opened yet. I have funding and I’m buying tools I have a few bikes but we are still working out where we will store things.


What was I saying? We still don’t know where we will store things. So far everything I’ve asked for has been provided. Anything I thought might be a roadblock has evaporated. If we are going to run a bicycle co-op we have to have bicycles in every condition. We need them in great condition, we need them in refurbishable condition and we need parts bikes. I had to take them and I had to just have faith that I will find a place to put them.

The storage problem will work itself out. The Church is where our shop will be and where storage will eventually be found. The Church is where I told them to deliver the bikes. Tonight is family night at the Church. I am expecting this pile of bicycles to draw attention and cause a lot of questions to be asked.

How could I ask for better publicity?

“At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Communicycle of Lawrenceville is Go!

Over the weekend I got news that funding has been approved for startup capital for Communicycle of Lawrenceville. This is a bike co-op that is being sponsored by McKendree United Methodist Church and is being advised by Communicycle of Chamblee. There is one more item that needs to be resolved in order to secure the space for the co-op but we are going ahead with a goal of being started by September 15, 2011.

Yeah, that’s not far away. I have to purchase tools and supplies and find people who will donate the old bicycles taking up space in their garages and basements. I need to recruit volunteers and start publicizing this venture. There is also a little matter of clearing out the space we have been given and doing some minor remodeling to accommodate our needs.

It will happen, though. I know that for a fact. This didn’t get this far without God on our side and I know He is going to grease whatever wheels need greasing for this to be a success.

Communicycle of Lawrenceville

Just got through with a meeting with Josh of Communicycle and he has agreed to advise us and allow a sharing of the Communicycle brand with our planned bicycle co-op in Lawrenceville. I think we have from him what information we need to get started, now we need a place to start in. There are some ideas for that.

Hopefully before the end of the year Communicycle of Lawrenceville will be a reality. I have some excitement started in our church over this project now. I hope I can keep it sustained.

On another note, Communicycle will be opening a Clarkston shop. They have a workday scheduled for August 13. I hope I can get some volunteers from Lawrenceville to help on this workday.

A little plan

I got off the phone with Josh a few minutes ago. Josh is one of the people involved with Communicycle in Chamblee, Ga. The conversation was interesting to say the least. I’ve been wanting to get a bike co-op started in Lawrenceville since last summer when I met Zac at Main Street Bike Co-op while I was working in Chattanooga. My conversation with Josh along with a couple of e-mails between me and a couple of members of my church make me think a bike co-op in Lawrenceville is a definite possibility.