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Chicken embryo grows face of dinosaur

Scientists have figured out the genes responsible for creating a beak rather than a snout in birds and have had success in creating a chicken with a dinosaur’s snout. However, they didn’t hatch the eggs. I’m puzzled by that.

For now Bhullar has no plans, or ethical approval, to hatch the snouted chickens. But he believes they would have been able to survive “just fine”.

Source: BBC – Earth – Chicken grows face of dinosaur

Seriously, if they have created the embryo just to destroy before it hatches then what’s the ethical difference in allowing them to hatch and then destroying them an hour or so later?

Humans genetically evolved to consume and metabolize alcohol.

Alcohol has caused a lot of damage to society but only when it is being abused. I have always firmly believed that moderate consumption of alcohol is not only beneficial but as nature would have it. There is now evidence to support my belief.

Scientists found a genetic mutation, 10 million years old, which would allow primates to digest alcohol. This could be the first record of such ability in primates. They also suggest that primates eating fruits fallen from the trees might have consumed alcohol incidentally.

via Primates were the first ones to consume alcohol | Diabetes Insider.

Personally, I believe that without this mutation humanity never would have become civilized and may have never evolved.