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And now a word about HB58 #gapol

This from the February 9th issue of the AJC.

Do you wonder why there aren’t more independent candidates, when so many people say they’re sick of the Republicans and Democrats? One reason is Georgia has some of the nation’s strictest ballot-access rules for third-party candidates. HB 58 by Rep. John Pezold, R-Fortson, would lower the threshold for these candidates to get on the ballot. Instead of needing petition signatures from 5 percent of all registered voters eligible to vote in the race, a candidate would need signatures equal to 2 percent of the total votes cast in the last election for the office. Example: In my state House district last year, an independent candidate needed 1,776 signatures to get on the ballot. Under this law, he would have needed less than 500. This could bring competition for seats at the General Assembly, 80 percent of which had only one candidate on last November’s ballot, as well as congressional seats.

How many times have you went to vote and practically everyone on the ballot is running unopposed? Have you ever wondered why that is when all of us fuss about the rascals in office? Surely you would think someone would run against them as much as we fuss about them. So why doesn’t anyone? It’s next to impossible to get on the ballot. That’s why. This bill would go a long ways to fix this.

So what I want you to do if you are registered to vote in the state of Georgia is first find you state representative and senator and then call them, write them or e-mail them and tell them that there is no reason for them not to support this bill. It has to pass. The only way this will get fixed is if you do something about it. This is what you need to do about it and then you need to get ten friends to do the same thing.