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At least she’s identified a real problem. #gapol

Stacey Abrams is running for governor in the state of Georgia. If she wins she will be the first African-American and the first woman to become Georgia’s governor. That would also make her the first African-American governor in the entire U.S.

First are hard to attain which translates into her odds are long at succeeding. Looking at the Republican primary runoff I’m seeing two Republicans who have been in various offices for the past twenty years. I just out and out don’t like one and I’m fairly cool on the other. That’s Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp respectively. Ms Abrams stands a good chance of getting my vote.

I will say I like the issues she’s choosing to talk about.

In Metro Atlanta you can’t hardly walk without tripping over a hospital but that isn’t true in the rural parts of the state. I some areas if you don’t have a job that gives you access to insurance you are out of luck in even finding a company to sell you a policy. And if you do have insurance you have to drive two counties over to find a provider.

I don’t know if she has the answers to these problems but she’s aware of them and talking about them. Cagle and Kemp only want to talk about guns and immigrants. I’m not concerned with my guns being taken away from me in Georgia and immigrants are something the feds need to be concerned with, not my governor.

A bit on health care in Georgia

I pointed out yesterday how Bernie Sanders’ single payer health care system would probably save most of us money, even with a tax increase. The more I think about it the more I’m convinced his plan would actually bring the cost of health care down over time due to people having access to health care at the onset of disease when it is cheaper to treat.

I’m convinced of the same thing here in Georgia with the expansion of Medicaid. However, Gov. Deal is hesitant to sign on due to the cost.

Deal, a Republican, said expansion would have cost Georgia more than $200 million in the fiscal 2017 budget (which will begin July 1). “That number would only continue to grow exponentially,” he told a joint session of lawmakers Wednesday.

Source: Ga. health care costs need limits, Deal says | The Augusta Chronicle

It might grow exponentially for the first few years but I think that would level off and we would eventually see a decline in cost due to a healthier population. Regardless of that, though, the $200 million might be well worth the money if it means making health care available to more Georgians.