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Spam Karma goes GPL

I just learned something a few minutes ago. Spam Karma has gone GPL. I’m not sure what this means for the future but I do know that by installing this plugin on this site I have had only minimal problem with comment spam. I hope that some competent coders pick up this project because it works.

Upgrading and repairing

I just finished upgrading the software running this weblog and I have mostly rebuilt my crashed photo gallery. I think I may have some photos in there that I didn’t have before from the past. I still have a few photos to upload to the gallery but I think I have the bulk of them back.

I have reorganized things a little bit. Links to the old gallery weren’t going to be any good with the new, rebuilt gallery so I took advantage of the fact that links were broken anyway to rearrange things some. I also added some software that will receive photos into the gallery through email. I’ll be uploading photos taken with my Blackberry there.