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Origami Muscles

Researchers have created artificial muscles whose function was inspired by origami, which will be useful for soft robots

Source: Inspired by origami, scientists build artificial muscle that lifts 1,000 times its own weight

Imagine a robot that doesn’t require steel or hard plastic. Imagine a robot that can wrap its lifting device around an irregular shaped object and conform to it’s shape for a secure grip. I can imagine all sorts of “soft” robot applications for this.

For instance, how about a robotic prosthetic arm allowing a mother who lost her arm to hug her child? Rescue robots that can pluck up people or animals from places without fear of further injuring the person or animal?

Can a Robot Writer Have Journalistic Integrity or Be Ethical?

Robots don’t threaten human journalist jobs because automated content is typically used to expand coverage, not replace existing coverage.

Source: Robots write thousands of news stories a year, but not this one – Jun. 11, 2015

HA! That’s the same line we used when we automated all the factory jobs. ¬†We didn’t replace any existing jobs but we sure made it easy to justify not hiring replacement workers for those that left through natural attrition.

So there’s one less unpaid intern getting experience that will allow them to ease into the shoes of the reporter with two years experience that is replacing the old guy that moved on up or retired. A few years later the editors are bemoaning the lack of experience in those candidates for the entry level journalism jobs. The publishers see this as justification for trying to expand the role of these robot reporters into creating more complex pieces.

I saw the same thing happening in manufacturing as I was automating more and more tasks. We said way back then that this automation stuff would zoom through every industry out there including health care, journalism insurance and the legal industry.

All rise for the court, the Honorable Judge Tin Man presiding.