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New DVR will use camera and microphone to target advertisements based on recordings of users

You know those ads that pop up on websites that are based on recent web searches you have made? Well, something like that is about to happen with TV. Verizon has a patent involving using a camera and microphone in their DVRs  that allows Verizon to target ads to you based on how many people are in the room and what they are talking about.

“If detection facility detects one or more words spoken by a user e.g., while talking to another user within the same room or on the telephone, advertising facility may utilize the one or more words spoken by the user to search for and/or select an advertisement associated with the one or more words,” Verizon states in its application,which was first reported by Fierce Cable.

via New DVR will use camera and microphone to target advertisements based on recordings of users | The Sideshow – Yahoo! News.

Now this is just a patent, not a real product, but it shows what our cable companies are considering. Note that this is for use on a DVR, not live cable transmissions so this is going to be ads sent to you for programs you have recorded. I’m wondering who would allow an invasion of privacy such as this.

Let’s say a prayer and cut off our nose to spite our face.

On Wednesday, November 7, 2012, the day after the 2012 US presidential election, Robert E. Murray, Chairman and CEO of Murray Energy, an Ohio-based coal company, said a prayer and fired 54 people at his subsidiary company, American Coal and 102 more at his Utah based company, American Energy.

Mr. Murray, like most failures, is blaming his actions on President Obama’s war on coal and totally ignoring the fact that low-cost natural gas is kicking coal’s ass in the marketplace. Since he isn’t smart enough to know how to compete with natural gas he’s giving up and putting 156 honest and hard working Americans out of work.

I’d like to point out that a real American Industrialist would not just throw a temper tantrum and quit over the election of a president. A real American industrialist would do as Mr. Murray stated in his prayer:

The takers outvoted the producers. In response to this, I have turned to my Bible and in II Peter, Chapter 1, verses 4-9 it says, ‘To faith we are to add goodness; to goodness, knowledge; to knowledge, self control; to self control, perseverance; to perseverance, godliness; to godliness, kindness; to brotherly kindness, love.’

via After Obama reelection, Murray Energy CEO reads prayer, announces layoffs – The Washington Post.

I find nothing good or knowledgeable or disciplined tenacious or godly or kind or loving in Mr. Murray’s actions. All I find is the mark of a loser.

David Siegel also made noises before the election about laying people off if Mr. Obama was re-elected. So far that has just been hot air with Mr. Siegel being wise enough to not lay anyone off until necessary. When asked if he was going to fire anyone he said:

I don’t know. I’m going to work my hardest to keep the company going and expand the best I can. We’ll see what happens. Meanwhile I gave everybody in the company a raise this week—the average was 5 percent. I wanted to help them handle the additional burdens the government will put on them.

via David Siegel Hasn’t Fired Anyone Yet – Businessweek.

Mr. Siegel appears to be a blowhard but not a quitter like Mr. Murray.